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Deloris BurkeA Metro Schools alumna educator is spending her summer in the deep end of a huge pool of knowledge in our nation's capital, all to help other teachers in the classroom.

Deloris Burke, formerly principal of McMurray Middle School, is honored to participate in the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Summer Teacher Institute. Burke was selected from more than 300 candidates to participate in this week-long program in Washington, D.C.

During the program, Burke is working with Library education specialists and subject-matter experts to learn effective practices for using primary sources in the classroom, while exploring some of the millions of digitized historical artifacts and documents available on the Library’s website. This session will also include instruction on using primary sources from the World Digital Library website, established by the Library of Congress, endorsed by 
UNESCO and launched online. in 2009. The site contains cultural materials from all 193 countries in UNESCO with expert commentary in seven languages.

The Library of Congress, the nation’s oldest federal cultural institution, is the world’s preeminent reservoir of knowledge, providing unparalleled integrated resources to Congress and the American people. The Library serves the public, scholars, Members of Congress and their staffs—all of whom seek information, understanding and inspiration. Many of the Library’s resources and treasures may also be accessed through the
Library’s website.


Dr. Antoinette WilliamsDr. Antoinette Williams, principal of Gra-Mar Middle School, has been named Tennessee Association of Middle Schools Middle Tennessee Administrator of the Year. Dr. Williams was awarded this honor during the Tennessee Association Middle School Conference this summer. She was given the honor for her accomplishments in providing Sustainable and Relevant Teacher Professional Development, Success in Transforming Low Achieving Schools, and Improving Student Achievement.

Congratulations, Dr. Williams!


Chadwell Elementary School hosted its first Academic Vocabulary Bee for the second, third and fourth grade students. Students prepared by studying the State Academic Vocabulary word list for Reading and Math. Chadwell teachers and literacy coaches planned rigorous activities to help students learn definitions and the origins of words. The Bee included a written test followed by two rounds of oral testing.

Congratulations to the winners and participators. All winners received an Apple iPod!

  • Michelle M. – 2nd grade runner–up

  • Diana A. – 2nd grade winner

  • Linda L. – 3rd grade winner

  • Ordonte S. – 3rd grade winner

  • Sierra H. – 3rd grade winner

  • Jamare W. – 4th grade runner up

  • Nancy D. – 4th grade winner


Whites Creek High School

Students, parents, faculty, alumni, neighbors, and more – everyone will be welcome at the Whites Creek High School community cookout!

“We are charting a new course – one leading to excellence – and we are excited about it,” said Dr. James Bailey, the school’s new Executive Principal.

Dr. Bailey particularly wants to see faces from the past: former teachers, administrators, coaches, and band members.

The celebration that will introduce his new administrative team and show parents and students the “new” Whites Creek High School. There will food, drinks, door prizes, and music at the celebration, as well as plenty of back to school information, elected officials, local dignitaries, and members of the Board of Education.

Dr. Bailey explains, “The theme for the afternoon is transforming teaching and learning while bringing back the glory days. When I was a Whites Creek High School student, we had fun! We learned! We worked hard! We excelled! Those were the glory days! The alumni have committed to work with us this year to bring back that spirit of distinction, and that is what this event is about.”

Come out and see for yourself!


Saturday, July 21

2:15 – 5:00 p.m.


Whites Creek High School


Don't leave your school hanging! Update your contact info today!We say it often: it is very important for schools to have your correct address and phone number.

How important? This important:

When report cards were mailed home after school ended a few weeks back, nearly all of them arrived on time and at the right house. But more than 2,700 were sent back because of incorrect addresses.

How to Pick Up Your Report Card

Those families who have not yet received report cards can pick them up at their school. Parents must bring proof of residence with them so school staff can verify who you are and also correct your address in their records.

Any report cards not picked up by July 13 will be sent to Central Office (2601 Bransford Avenue).

Your school will soon be in contact with you about this.

Oh, and while we have your attention, why not
give your school a call to update your address and telephone number?


Want to help great students earn their high school diplomas?

A school that gives students their second chance to graduate is getting a second chance itself. The Academy at Opry Mills had to move across town after the historic flood of 2010. But it is being reborn with a lot of hard work and help from Metro Schools and our partners at the Simon Youth Foundation.

Now you can pitch in, too.

SYF Gift RegistrySimon Youth has set up a “gift registry” of sorts where you can make donations that will go directly to finishing The Academy’s space inside Opry Mills Mall. Have $50 to contribute? You just “bought” a lamp or other classroom support item for students to use. $100? That’s good for a set of group seating. Big spenders can sponsor high-tech items like interactive white boards, teacher workstations or even an entire media center that students will use directly.

Furnish the Future of The Academy at Opry Mills

“This is not about buying fixtures for classrooms; this is about furnishing the future of Nashville by keeping young people in school so that they can prosper to become active members of the community who secure well-paying jobs that positively impact the local economy,” says SYF President and CEO J. Michael Durnil, Ph.D.

The donations all go toward a $350,000 grant from Simon Youth to Metro Schools. That grant is what will help The Academy at Opry Mills break new ground in classroom design. The school is being built using the principles set forth in The Third Teacher: 79 Ways You Can Use Design to Transform Teaching & Learning. It will be a collaborative and engaging environment far removed from the traditional high school classroom. Please take a moment to look at the donation page and make a contribution, no matter how small (or big!).

Opry Mills Floor Plan

And look for a lot more bragging about The Academies at Old Cockrill, Hickory Hollow, and Opry Mills in 2012-13!

Full release from the Simon Youth Foundation:

“Furnish the Future” Public Giving Campaign Launches in Support of Simon Youth Academy at Opry Mills

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – After being closed for more than two years following the historic Nashville flood in May of 2010, the Simon Youth Academy at Opry Mills will reopen this August and once again serve Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) students who are at risk for dropping out.

Now, Nashville area residents can help write the story of the school’s return by making a gift to Simon Youth Foundation, the nonprofit organization supporting the school’s reconstruction.

In the style of a gift registry, a donation page has been established at SYF.org to allow the Nashville community and other supporters to directly contribute to the construction of the new school, including the purchase of student desks and seating and learning resources like white boards and monitors.

“Gifts supporting the Academy at Opry Mills are a sound investment in the city’s future, and we are hopeful that Nashville residents will take ownership of this new school by contributing to the cause,” said SYF President and CEO J. Michael Durnil, Ph.D. “This is not about furnishing classrooms; this is about securing the future of Nashville by keeping young people in school so that they can become active members of our community.”

In a first for Metro Schools, the Academy at Opry Mills will utilize concepts from the book The Third Teacher: 79 Ways You Can Use Design to Transform Teaching & Learning. With innovative use of space and design, the Academy will promote collaborative and active learning while offering flexibility in the layout of learning spaces. The environment will engage students in new ways and benefit student-teacher interaction.

“For the students at the Academy, the traditional classroom setting did not work,” Durnil says. “We will be creating a non-traditional environment that will ignite hope in students, giving them the confidence to be successful and earn their high school diploma.”

Gifts made through the gift registry page at SYF.org will help fund a $350,000 grant from Simon Youth Foundation to Metro Schools for the Academy build out, and the school will operate in partnership between the two organizations with support from Opry Mills.

To support the reopening of the Academy at Opry Mills, donors can log on to http://www.syf.org/support-syf/donate-in-support-of-the-simon-youth-academy-at-opry-mills. While suggested gift amounts are posted at the page, donations at any level are encouraged. SYF is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, and all gifts to the Academy construction are tax deductible.

The Simon Youth Academy at Opry Mills is one of two Metro Schools supported by SYF. The second is the Simon Youth Academy at Hickory Hollow, which opened to serve the students displaced by the flood-forced closure of the school at Opry Mills in 2010. Between the two Academies, SYF and MNPS will annually serve as many as 500 at-risk Nashville youth.

The reopening of The Simon Youth Academy at Opry Mills follows the recent return of Opry Mills as the largest outlet and value retail shopping, dining, and entertainment destination in Tennessee. With more than 200 popular stores, plus an unmatched selection of family-friendly dining options and entertainment venues, Opry Mills is a top destination and a vital economic force, providing jobs, impacting tourism, and generating revenue.

About SYF

Simon Youth Foundation, established in 1998, operates 23 academies in 13 U.S. states that give at-risk students the same education they would receive in a traditional classroom while offering the flexibility that their individual circumstances require. Recipient of the Crystal Star Award of Excellence in Dropout Prevention from the National Dropout Prevention Center, the foundation has helped more than 8,000 students earn their high school diploma and provided more than $10.7 million in college scholarships to 3,500 students in 42 states. The Education Commission of the United States has recognized the Foundation with its Corporate Award for sustained and substantial investment in improving public education.


It's important for students to have a physical before coming back to school. It can help prevent the health problems that may impact learning. That's why United Neighborhood Health Services is offering Back to School check-ups to get ready for that first day!

Students will also be given all of the shots they need to come back to school. Incoming kindergarteners, pre-kindergarteners and 7th graders are required to have updated immunizations certificates and will not be allowed to attend without them.

UNHC is offering immunizations and physicals at its three clinics now through the first day. TennCare and private insurance plans are accepted. Uninsured patients are also welcome, with fees based on a sliding scale. Call ahead to make appointments for physicals.

United Neighborhood Health Services Clinics

615-620-UNHS (8647)


Dickerson Road Clinic, 1223 Dickerson Road, Nashville 37207

Main Street Clinic, 905 Main Street, Nashville 37206

Southside Family Clinic, 1101 Charles Davis Boulevard, Nashville 37210

Full press release:

Back-to-School Immunizations and Physicals Are Available at Three Clinics of United Neighborhood Health Services

Free immunizations offered to students; shots are required for 7th graders and kindergarten & pre-K students by start of school on August 1

Nashville, TN -- United Neighborhood Health Services is offering back-to-school immunizations and physicals for children at three of its Nashville clinics so that children will be prepared for the first day of school on August 1. Metro Nashville students entering 7th grade, kindergarten and pre-K are not allowed to attend school unless they have proof of immunizations.

Free immunizations are available to students age 18 and under, who do not have insurance coverage or who have TennCare, at these United Neighborhood Health Services Clinics: Dickerson Road Clinic, 1223 Dickerson Road, Nashville 37207; Main Street Clinic, 905 Main Street, Nashville 37206; and Southside Family Clinic, 1101 Charles Davis Boulevard, Nashville 37210. Physicals are available on a sliding fee scale at the clinics. Appointments for immunizations and physicals at the three clinics can be made by calling 615.620-UNHS (8647). Appointments are available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

“Parents should schedule appointments now so that their children can get the required shots and be allowed to attend school this year,” said Mary Bufwack, CEO of United Neighborhood Health Services. “Metro schools require proof of immunizations on the first day of school for 7th grade, kindergarten and pre-K students.”

She added, “Also, it is important that all students have a physical exam before going to school. Health problems can have a big impact on a student’s ability to learn.”

United Neighborhood Health Services (UNHS) welcomes uninsured patients. Back-to-school immunizations are free. Patients are charged for other services on a sliding fee scale based on their ability to pay. UNHS also accepts TennCare and private insurance.

United Neighborhood Health Services, Inc. (UNHS) is a private non-profit network of neighborhood health centers that have served Nashville for more than 30 years. Through its nine Nashville neighborhood clinics, five school-based clinics, the Downtown Homeless Clinic, two mobile health units, and a clinic in Hartsville, Tennessee, United Neighborhood Health Services annually serves approximately 32,000 medically underserved people of all ages; 17,000 have no health insurance. Visit www.unitedneighborhood.org or call 615-620-UNHS (8647) for information about UNHS’ other clinics and programs.


The first day of school, Aug. 1, is fast approaching and Metro Schools’ Nutrition Services Department is hard at work preparing for next year. One of its tasks this summer is spreading the word about important changes in USDA rules that will affect all Metro Schools’ students who participate in the Meal Benefits (free/reduced lunch and breakfast) program.

Starting this year, students who are on the Meal Benefits program must take certain items for the meal to qualify as a free or reduced meal. A lunch meal consist of one meat/meat alternate, one serving of vegetables, one serving of fruit, one serving of grain and milk. A breakfast meal consists of one fruit, one grain and milk. If a student does not take all required items, the student will be charged at the à la carte rate for the meal. Café employees will encourage students to take all the required items; however, families should also make sure their children are aware of this change to prevent from incurring charges.

School meals are a great value and a huge convenience for busy families! Children need healthy meals to learn. Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools offers healthy meals at every school every day. Breakfast costs $1.25 for elementary, middle and high schools and lunch costs $2.25 for elementary and $2.50 for middle and high schools. Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced price meals which cost $ .30 for breakfast and $ .40 for lunch. A lunch meal consist of 1 meat/meat alternate, 1 serving of vegetables, 1 serving of fruit, 1 serving of grain and milk. A breakfast meal consists of 1 fruit, 1 grain, and milk.

More information for the new year is available in our Back to School Guide.


Experienced educators to assume new posts at Shwab, McGavock and Bellshire

There will be new principals at Shwab Elementary, Julia Green Elementary and Bellshire Elementary schools when the 2012 -13 school year starts Wednesday, Aug. 1.

Dr. Natalyn Gibbs has accepted the position as principal for Shwab Elementary. Currently the assistant principal of Cole Elementary, Dr. Gibbs has also served as assistant principal of Hull-Jackson Montessori Magnet Elementary. She has background experience in teaching third, fourth and fifth graders at the elementary school level. Dr. Gibbs is a graduate of Tennessee State University, where she received her master’s degree in administration and supervision and a doctorate in curriculum and instruction. She replaces Catherine Prentis, who is retiring.

Lance Forman has been appointed as principal of McGavock Elementary. Forman most recently served as assistant principal at Julia Green Elementary. Prior to coming to Julia Green, he was a fourth grade teacher at Andrew Jackson Elementary and worked the summer of 2008 as a STEM coach. Foreman is a graduate of Trevecca Nazarene University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in interpersonal communications and human resources and his master’s degree in educational leadership.

Dr. Chris Marczak, formerly at McGavock Elementary, will take over as principal at Bellshire Elementary. Dr. Marczak has led McGavock Elementary as principal for three years and, prior to that post, served as assistant principal for both Una and Charlotte Park Elementary schools. Dr. Marczak is a graduate of Austin Peay State University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies and elementary education. He later received his master’s degree in educational leadership and doctorate in professional practice/leadership from Trevecca Nazarene University. In addition to being a principal, Dr. Marczak teaches in both the master’s and doctoral programs at Trevecca and David Lipscomb universities. He replaces Donna Wilburn, who has been named principal of the new Cane Ridge Elementary, opening this year.

See a list of all principal changes for 2012-13.


The Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools Nutrition Services was awarded the 2012 Best Practices Award. The award presented by the USDA at the State Conference in Chattanooga, Tenn. The department addressed the concern of being able to reach every student’s nutritional needs by introducing the “Translating the Menu to Achieve Healthier Food Choices” program. This program assists students who speak English as a second language by helping them gain a better understanding of food options available during breakfast and lunch.The program is one of many tools the students will use to adopt long term lifestyle choices.

The program features names and images of foods in four languages including Spanish, Somali, Kurdish-Bahdini and Arabic languages. They are displayed for students to see in the serving line and on the bulletin board in the cafeteria.


Vanderbilt University Dyer Observatory invites students to the NASA Summer of Innovation Program and Concert. View details about the event below.

Vanderbilt University Dyer Observatory

1000 Oman Drive, Brentwood, TN 37027

Invites you to join us

Thursday, June 21, 2012

for a special

NASA Summer of Innovation Event

5:00 pm

Gates Open and Summer of Innovation activities provided by

the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

You are welcome to bring a picnic and relax on the

Dyer Observatory lawn for this special program

7:30 pm

NASA Summer of Innovation Program and Concert

Featuring a performance of The Mighty Sky by

Beth Nielsen Chapman and the Long Players


Summer of Innovation Presentation by

NASA Associate Administrator for Education and

former two-time Space Shuttle astronaut

Leland Melvin

9:00 pm

Telescope Viewing

If inclement weather causes the concert and program to be moved to a different location, please visit www.dyer.vanderbilt.edu for rain site.

RSVP Required: Due to limited parking, each car which comes through the gate requires a ticket. Only 100 free tickets are available, although you can put as many as 8 people in your car. To obtain a free ticket for your car, PLEASE RSVP online at http://nasadyerconcert.eventbrite.com. Questions? lynn.d.mcdonald@vanderbilt.edu.



Chris Henson, Chief Financial Officer; Gracie Porter, Metro School Board Chair; Glenda Gregory, Director of Business Services and Dr. Jesse Register, Superintendent of Metro Schools

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is now a three-time winner of the Meritorious Budget Award (MBA) presented by the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) for excellence in budget presentation. This award is conferred only to school districts that have met or exceeded the Meritorious Budget Award criteria. In 2010, Metro Nashville Public Schools made history when it became the first Tennessee school district to earn the Meritorious Budget Award from the Association.

To earn this award, Metro Schools submitted its 2011-2012 budget for a rigorous review based on demanding criteria. Developed by ASBO for school districts, the MBA criteria guide school business officials toward a quality school budget presentation by enhancing the school business officials’ skills in developing, analyzing, and presenting a school system budget.

The award recognizes excellence in school system budget presentation and is given to districts with budgets that

• use sound fiscal management practices,

• promote effective use of educational resources,

• provide clear budget presentations,

• use up-to-date budget practices and

• meet several other criteria.

Congratulations to Chief Financial Officer Chris Henson, Director of Business Services Glenda Gregory, Communications Specialist Noelle Mashburn, and the Metro Office of Management and Budget for their award-winning work on the district’s budget.

Featured in photograph (l to r) is Chris Henson, Chief Financial Officer; Gracie Porter, Metro School Board Chair; Glenda Gregory, Director of Business Services and Dr. Jesse Register, Superintendent of Metro Schools.


Students in Overton's Academy of Information Technology participated in the Emerging Communication Technologies externship. This externship was in collaboration with the school’s academy partner Deloitte. As part of the externship, students researched the environmental impact of emerging technologies to show the effects of disposing old electronic devices on the environment. After completing the research, students used creative presentations to share their findings. In fact, one presentation included a song and a video written and produced by students within the academy. Check out the students’ presentation below.



Dr. Cecila ArbuckleMetro Schools has appointed Dr. Cecilia Arbuckle the Lead iTeacher in the district’s Innovation Cluster to turnaround struggling schools. In this role, she will assure iTeachers receive the support, training and professional development needed to educate students in the Innovation Cluster. iTeachers are expected to meet rigorous student achievement goals.

Dr. Arbuckle earned a Ph. D. and M. A. from George Peabody College for Teachers, now part of Vanderbilt University, and a B. A. from Brescia College in Owensboro, Kentucky. She has worked with Metro Nashville Public Schools for more than 30 years as a teacher, assistant principal and principal. Previously, she served as a division chair of the Teacher Education Program at Brescia College; held adjunct professorships at Murray State University and Western Kentucky University; worked in the extended learning master's degree program at Cumberland University and served as executive director of KARC, Kentucky’s organization for intellectual and developmental disabilities.


On June 7, 2012, the 500th student earned a high school diploma from the Academy of Hickory Hollow. Congratulations to Langley Bogle and The Academy of Hickory Hollow!

Langley Bogle is the 500th student to graduate from the Academy of Hickory Hollow


FirstBank Owl at Shwab Elementary

Students at Shwab Elementary got an early lesson in dollars and cents back in April with an activity put on by FirstBank called "Teach Children to Save."

They learned a lot about money, bank accounts, and budgeting. They also got a visit from the soft and fuzzy side of money - FirstBank's owl mascot!

For more, read the full FirstBank press release below.



On Tuesday, April 24th FirstBank associates Melinda Pulliam, Pam Theis, Heather Steele, Karen Risner and Lee Pitt participated in "Teach Children to Save Day" at Shwab Elementary in Nashville. The team worked with the students to teach them how to make good decisions with their money and the difference between needs and wants. They also explained how to identify expenses, demonstrate ways to cut spending and show how to maintain bank accounts. FirstBank is proud to partner each year with the American Bankers Association and help educate our youth.

Teach Children to Save Day is a component of the national Teach Children to Save campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the important role that banks and bankers play in helping young people develop lifelong savings habits. So far it's reached more than 5 million young people with the help of some 100,000 plus banker volunteers. This year Teach Children to Save Day was celebrated on April 24, while bankers will give lessons throughout the year.

About FirstBank

FirstBank is Tennessee’s 3rd largest bank with 44 locations across the state. The bank, headquartered in Lexington, Tenn., serves every major metropolitan market in the state and, with more than $2 billion in total assets, has the resources to provide a comprehensive variety of financial services and products.

FirstBank follows a community-banking model adopted by its charter, Farmers State Bank, more than 100 years ago in Scotts Hill, Tenn. As Tennessee’s premier community bank, FirstBank is committed to its role as a leader in the communities it serves. That commitment is reflected by the Ayers Foundation Scholars program, a scholarship fund established by FirstBank Chairman and sole shareholder Jim Ayers to advance higher education for young people in Tennessee.

To learn more about FirstBank, a wholly owned subsidiary of First South Bancorp, Inc., visit www.firstbankonline.com.


Working together, parents can do anything!

That's why we're bringing parents and experts together for another big Parent University Conference. We're offering free workshops and seminars meant to help all of our parents raise self-confident, disciplined, and motivated children. Parents will learn tips for helping their children learn in modern classrooms. There will also be plenty of information on healthy lifestyles and families.

It's happening Saturday, July 21, at McGavock High School. It's free and open to everyone, but you do have to register.

So don't delay. Sign up today!

Parent University - English Parent University - Spanish
Parent University - Arabic Parent University - Kurdish Bahdini

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