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The end of February in Tennessee is often synonymous with the start of severe weather season. This year, roughly 30 Metro Schools’ transportation supervisors who serve on the district’s Inclement Weather Team will take on the task of helping keep you safe during Photo of Lightningsevere weather. They will become trained SKYWARN® Spotters by the National Weather Service (more). The primary job of these volunteer spotters is to provide fast and accurate reports of severe weather in their local area. According to the NWS, the training includes:

  • Basics of thunderstorm development
  • Fundamentals of storm structure
  • Identifying potential severe weather features
  • Information to report
  • How to report information
  • Basic severe weather safety

The MNPS team will join nearly 290,000 other spotters nationwide in helping make local communities safer in times of severe weather.


In honor of Read Me Week (Napier event pictured right) and Read Across America, Metro Schools will be privy to a Napier Lorax Read Me Day 2012 - a picture of students watching a presentation on Loraxslew of guest readers and special events! Here’s a peak at what’s going on this week to recognize the importance of reading and to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday:

Kindergarteners at A.Z. Kelley Elementary will celebrate the week with dress up days. Friday, in honor of Dr. Seuss's big day, the cafeteria staff will serve green eggs and ham for breakfast!

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean will visit Buena Vista Enhanced Option Elementary Wednesday, Feb. 29 and enjoy lunch with the third grade.

Mayor Dean will visit Charlotte Park Elementary Friday, March 2 and read to students.

Cole Elementary will open its doors to dozens of guest readers who will share their favorite stories with the students.

Mayor Dean will visit Glenn Enhanced Option Elementary Wednesday, Feb. 29 and read to students.

Glengarry Elementary will celebrate the week with theme days and several guest readers. Homeroom teachers are encouraged to spend the last 15 minutes of the day in “Drop Everything and Read” (DEAR) sessions. Pencil partners from University of Phoenix, Principal Laurie Smith, and other school leaders will share their love of reading with the children at Glengarry.

At Harris-Hillman School, students and staff will celebrate with three special events. March 2, the school will welcome and enjoy the reading of special guest and singer Ginny Owens in the school library at 9:30 am.Bringing Books to Life will perform a puppet show March 5, at 12:30, and again March 6, at 1 p.m.

Friday, March 2, First Lady of Tennessee Crissy Haslam will visit Joelton Elementary and read a story to the students.

Murrell School will be celebrating Read Across America on Friday, March 2. Students will be allowed to dress out of their standard attire, donning pj’s or sweats.  All students and staff will read silently in their classroom their favorite story or book from 9 – 9:30 a.m., while sipping hot cocoa.

Paragon Mills Elementary will celebrate Read Across America Week in style.  The school will have a special spirit activity each day. Wednesday, Feb. 29, roughly 20 guests, and former Paragon Mills’ teachers, will visit and read to the students! They will team up with guest readers from Regions Bank and Ford Motor, the latter of whom will also give each child a bookmark. Friday, March 2, 210 students from David Lipscomb Middle School will visit. They will read to every class, present some books for each classroom library, and celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday by delivering a cookie to each student in honor of his birthday.  And did we mention the teachers will all be dressed as the Cat in the Hat?

Rosebank Elementary will celebrate with Read-A-Palooza. Each day students and staff will participate in a “fun” days that will celebrate reading. Thursday evening, March 1, students and families are invited to Read-A-Palooza that will feature a variety of celebrity readers including Mayor Karl Dean, Tooth Fairy Mary, and the MOMS group of East Nashville! A light dinner will be served, followed by reading, games and the distribution of free books.

Mayor Dean will visit Whitsitt Elementary Thursday, March 1 and read to students.

Napier Lorax Read Me Day 2012 - a picture of the Lorax posterThe Academy, located at Hickory Hollow, Spanish 1 and 2 combined classes will read “Huevos verdes con jamón” in honor of Dr Seuss.

Last week, to help kick off the weeklong celebration, Book’em hosted Read Me Day at Kirkpatrick Enhanced Option Elementary. In a special assembly, students heard the benefits of reading from several area dignitaries, including Mayor Dean, MNPS Director of Schools Dr. Jesse Register, Janet Ivey of Janet’s Planet, Miss Black Tennessee Natalie Newbill, Judge Mike Jameson, Nashville Ballet representatives, and even some Tennessee Titans’ cheerleaders.

Special guests including MNPS Chief Operating Officer Fred Carr and MNEA President Stephen Henry visited Napier Elementary where students got to see a special sneak peak at the new Lorax movie.


John Early Museum Magnet Middle School students and their families attended a special workshop at the school in which they learned how to preserve, restore, and care for their family treasures. The event was hosted by Belmont Mansion and Tennessee State Museum and brought local experts to the school to teach the students and their families.

Terrianna H. and her mother Geannette were paired with Candace Adelson, Ph.D., Senior Curator of Fashion and Textiles, from the Tennessee State Museum. The mother-daughter duo learned how to preserve a quilt made by Terrianna’s grandmother. They also learned the history of quilting, how her great-grandmother sewed the quilt, what the quilt represented and the life and times of people, such as her great-grandmother, who made and used quilts. 


High school students with an eye for fashion can share their skills in a district-wide contest! Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee and Martin Luther King High School have teamed up to present the first annual istyled.me High School Fashion Challenge. A community-based fundraiser, istyled.me is open to all high school students in the greater Nashville area. The challenge is to purchase clothing at any local Goodwill store and style it to make a chic and hip outfit. Then students register at www.istyled.me and upload a photo of their outfit to the istyled.me photo wall. Site visitors will vote for their favorite look. Students with the most votes will walk in the Runway Show at Rocketown, Thursday, March 8, where a panel of celebrity judges will choose winners in three fashion categories.

All proceeds from the event go to support academic and arts programs at MLK Academic Magnet, but a cash prize will also go to each of the winners’ schools. There will be other prizes for the winners of each category as well as many great door prizes and random give-aways.

Voting concludes at midnight Saturday, Feb. 25!


Mark North

Board Member &

Sports Fan Mark North

Fast Times at Stratford – Nationally Ranked Sprinter

Stratford Spartan sprinter Justin Scruggs is currently ranked second in the nation in the 60 meters.  That’s right, I said in the nation…the USA.  Justin ran the 60 meters in 6.82 seconds, earning an invitation to the 2012 New Balance Indoor Track Invitational in New York City next month.  More powerful than a locomotive, rumor has it he is also able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  SuperSpartan!

High School Wrestling – State Championships

McGavock grappler Carlos Garcia earned his way to the finals in the state championships in Franklin last week, taking home the silver medal, the best finish of any McGavock wrestler in over 15 years.  Other top finishers in the grueling state wrestling championships were Trevion James (Antioch) and Trenton Bell (Hunters Lane).

Middle School Wrestling

Bailey STEM Magnet Middle School Bulldogs are Wrestling City Champions.  Congratulations to Itae Barretero, Anthony Bassham, Montez Booker, Troy Clay, Eric Foster, James Hughes, Latraus Perry, Darius Roberts, Gregory Smith, Dandre Whitley, Jondae Williams and Coach Gardner – the grapplin’ Bulldogs!

Watching Hoops with Dignitaries

Football coaches are a veritable fountain of knowledge and wisdom as I learned watching high school and middle school basketball games this week with Hillwood High School football coach Bubba Spears and Goodlettsville Middle School football coach David Brooks.   I even spent time in the stands visiting with some of Tennessee’s top Principals including Antioch’s Brian Mast, Hunters Lane’s Susan Kessler, Glencliff’s Clint Wilson, Hillwood’s Steve Chauncy, Overton’s Shuler Pelham, and Stratford’s Michael Steele.  Needless to say, the North Sports Report tried to be on its best behavior.

Brush with Fame

The North Sports Report ran into Whites Creek and Vanderbilt football and basketball great Jamie Graham at a basketball tournament game this week at Antioch.  After graduating from Vanderbilt, Jamie is working toward an advanced degree and playing defensive back at UCLA.   

Principal with his Grill On

When the North Sports Report saw Stratford Principal Michael Steele cooking the concessions stand cheeseburgers as Stratford hosted tournament games this week, I immediately ordered The Principal Combo…cheeseburger, chips, and a Diet Coke.  Just so you know – that is the North Sports Report’s idea of fine dining.

District Champs…Hoops

Congratulations to District Champions Hunters Lane Warriors, Overton Lady Bobcats and Hillsboro Lady Burros!

Advancing to represent MNPS in the regional tournaments in Girls’ Basketball are: MLK Lady Royals; Hume Fogg Lady Blue Knights; Overton Lady Bobcats; Hillsboro Lady Burros; Hunters Lane Lady Warriors; Antioch Lady Bears; and Cane Ridge Lady Ravens.

In Boys Basketball, those teams advancing are: Hunters Lane Warriors; East Literature Eagles; Antioch Bears; Hillsboro Burros; Maplewood Panthers; McGavock Raiders; and Cane Ridge Ravens. 

Field of Dreams

Stratford’s football field was featured on a recent episode of “The Bachelor” as one of the reality show’s contestants impressed everyone with her relation (granddaughter) to the field’s namesake – MNPS Sports Hall of Fame member and local sports legend Harold “Buster” Boguskie.  Even during tournament time, the North Sports Report is never too busy to catch an episode of “The Bachelor.”   What?...

MNPS: The First Choice for Local Sports Legends


Forget March Madness! Croft Middle School will celebrate March with “March Mathness” to get students ready for TCAPS.  Each grade level will compete with weekly math problems.  The week of Feb. 27, the “Sweet 16” teams will compete for positions in the “Elite Eight”. The following week, those teams will then compete for the “Final Four” slots. Starting March 12, the Final Four teams will battle for a spot in the Top Two, and the week of March 19, the entire school will watch as the Top Two teams go head to head in the championship round. David Lipscomb University will sponsor a pizza party for the championship teams the week of March 26. 


Tylar Smith to Alvin Ailey Summer Program - an NSA student has been selected to study in one of the country's most prestigious dance programsTylar Smith, a junior at Nashville School of the Arts, has been accepted to the highly acclaimed Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre Summer Intensive Program. She will spend six weeks in New York, training with the Professional Dance Division. While in New York, Tylar will have the opportunity to study under world-renowned choreographers and instructors.  She will be staying at Fordham University's McMahon Hall. Coincidentally, Fordham is one of Tylar’s top choices for universities, in which she plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in dance. According to those close to Tylar, the acceptance into the program is a dream come true. She has long been inspired by Alvin Ailey and is excited about this opportunity! Tylar is also very appreciative to the dance instructors at NSA.

The Alvin Ailey summer program is designed for students ages 16 - 25 who have had a minimum of three years of consistent training and is structured to advance the technical skills of dancers in a wide variety of techniques. 


ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Math and Science Scholarships are now available to 2012 graduating high school seniors in school districts represented by the Council of the Great City Schools. And yes, that includes Nashville!

Four scholarships, two for males and two for females worth $5,000 each, will be awarded to two African American and two Hispanic students on behalf of the former NASA astronaut, physician and businessman, Dr. Bernard Harris.  The deadline for submissions is April 2, 2012

Students can apply at the Council of Great City Schools website.


Thirty Maplewood High School Air Force JROTC Cadets and FBLA students participated in the 11th Annual Education Equal Opportunity Group Save-A-Student Leadership and Training Conference. Held in Nashville at the War Auditorium and Legislative Plaza, this year’s theme was "LEAD Where You Are; Re-Think the Possibilities!"

Students participated in a collaborative effort to nurture practical and real-life learning opportunities that will increase retention and graduation rates among Tennessee students. Maplewood students participated in innovative sessions featuring high-powered speakers, a tour of Fisk University, and a viewing of the new movie Red Tails, the story of the Tuskegee Airmen.

During the conference, several of the students also enjoyed a meet-and-greet with Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam. Those selected to attend the meeting have exhibited true leadership skills throughout their time at Maplewood. Air Force JROTC Cadet Alejandro Villacorta was selected to present an appreciation plaque to Rick Drelling, Dollar General CEO. Cadets also met the Honorable John DeBerry, Jr., and the President of Fisk University.  As if all that weren't enough, cadets Stephen Pack, Jeffrey Dartis, and Tony Keoudomxay were selected to participate in videos for future EEOG Conferences. Congrats!

MHS JROTC at EEOG 2012 Conference - Maplewood students prove leadership skills at conference


The Oliver Middle School Wind Ensemble has been chosen to represent Tennessee in a performance at the College Band Directors National Association/National Band Association Southern Division Conference.  This Conference is happening this weekend, Feb. 23-25, at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia.  The selection process was via CD recording and resume submission. Oliver was selected over dozens of other ensembles from around the country. The ensemble will perform Saturday morning, Feb. 25, for hundreds of Band Directors from Louisiana, West Virginia, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.  Congratulations, Oliver!

Oliver Wind Ensemble Picture 2012


Wednesday, Feb. 15, Miss Tennessee, Erin Hatley made a special appearance at McKissack Middle School! Ms. Hatley, a native of West Tennessee and student at the University of Memphis, placed 10th in the 2012 Miss America pageant this past January and travels around the state as the Governor’s Ambassador for the Character Education trait of Citizenship. McKissack Student Council sponsor Ms. Jacklene Robinson invited the reigning Miss Tennessee to speak with students on topics such as making and reaching goals, bullying, and volunteering to build self-esteem. McKissack’s student council officers sat on the panel with Miss Tennessee and escorted her on a tour around the school. The highlight of the show was Miss Tennessee singing a portion of the song she sang in the Miss America pageant, and a short rendition of the late Whitney Houston’s, “I Will Always Love You.” The students left the assembly with great ideas for how they can help their communities, and also received signed autographs from Miss Tennessee.

Miss Tennessee visits McKissack 2012 - the current Miss Tennessee visited with students


Students at The Academy located at Hickory Hollow were among the first to voice their opinions of changes the area is likely to see over the next 10 years. The group was invited to meet with city planners. Check out a video of the first planning meeting here. The next meeting, and first open to the public, will be held Thursday, April 5, at 6 p.m., at Lakeshore Christian Church.


Friday, March 9, MTA will offer free and unlimited rides all day! “Fareless Friday,” as it’s been dubbed by transportation officials is the brainchild of Mayor Dean. The goal is to encourage people who do not currently ride the bus to give it a try. MTA also hopes to use the day to show appreciation to current riders.To check out the full list of routes available, click here.


Music superstar Drake gave MLK Magnet students the surprise of a lifetime, showing up for a school assembly to deliver a message of inspiration. Drake took time away from rehearsing from tonight's performance to talk about his own experience dropping out of high school and how he still wishes to earn his diploma. He told the students to stay in school and follow their dreams because "you never know what could happen." For the students in that auditorium it was the thrill of a lifetime.


Key to a good education is finding a school that best fits your child's learning style and interests. From STEM-centric programs to hospitality- or communications-based Academies, Metro Schools is proud to offer a variety of choices when it comes to selecting a school. The district also offers non-traditional learning environments, virtual programs, and highly advanced academic programs such as the International Baccalaureate Programme.

Starting March 1, at 6:30 a.m., families will be able to apply for one of roughly 40 schools offered in the Spring Application window. These are schools that have a zoned population but have unfilled seats. The selection process is first come, first serve, and families must be able to provide transportation to and from the school selected.

To help you explore your options, MNPS is hosting a Spring Application Kick-Off Event, Thursday, March 1, from 5 - 7 p.m., at Bailey STEM Magnet Middle School, 2000 Greenwood Ave. Guests will be able to speak with various school and district representatives to learn more about the schools and programs available, as well as how to apply.

The application process is online, but families can also submit a paper application to MNPS Customer Service, located at 2601 Bransford Ave.

Click here to learn more about Spring Application.

Spring Application Kick-Off Invitation 2012


MNPS security officers Tina Petrig, Mariette Arroyo and Bady the K9 went the extra mile to help students at Lakeview Design Center. The trio participated in the school’s Animal Safety Day and presented valuable information about animal safety and real-life emergencies to the kindergarten and Lifeskills classes.

Animal Safety Day at Lakeview - MNPS security officers and canine visit elementary students


Bailey STEM Magnet Middle School is hosting a community blood drive. Check out the flyer below for details.


Madison Middle School is opening its doors for parents and community members to share their thoughts in an anti-bullying community forum. The event will be held Tuesday, Feb. 28, from 6 - 7 p.m., in the gymnasium at Madison. Guest speakers include Taylor Stratton School Counselor Dr. Nancy Lara and Madison Middle School Counselors Lindsay Mosayebi and Cedric Dewayne Webber. Representatives from the Madison Police Precinct, MNPD Youth Services, the District Attorney's Office, Juvenile Referee Department, and Tennessee Safe Schools will also be on hand to answer questions and join in the discussion.


Brenda Dann-Messier was in Nashville to see first hand how Hillwood High School exemplifies the important of career academies and their place in advancing American Education.

Dann-Messier is the Assistant Secretary of the Office of Vocational and Adult Education at the U.S. Department of Education. She toured Hillwood's Academy of Health Science with students, Dr. Jesse Register, and Associate Superintendent of High Schools Jay Steele.

After the tour, she moderated a panel discussion on the importance of career academies in offering students academically rigorous curricula. She also hosted a roundtable with students and parents.

Brenda Dann-Messier at Hillwood

VIEW Photos from the Assistant Secretary's Visit to Hillwood


We told you before the winter break that Hillsboro theatre teacher and fine arts department chair Brad Brown had scored a spot on the 2nd Annual Teachers Tournament on Jeopardy. And now, we know when!

Monday, Feb. 20, Brown's first round in the trivia competition will air on MYTV 30 (Comcast Channel 14) at 6 p.m. Tune in to see him go head to head with other knowledgeable teachers from around the country.


Donald Davis, master storyteller, will be visiting J. T. Moore Middle School Tuesday, Feb. 28. There will be a community event at 7 p.m., in the Moore library. The event is sponsored by the PTO and is free for everyone to enjoy.  


Think you have what it takes to teach for Metro Schools? If so, Nashville Teaching Fellows (NTF) is now accepting applications for the next cohort of professionals looking to make a career change. The deadline to apply is Feb. 21.

What is Nashville Teaching Fellows?

NTF is a highly-selective, innovative path for talented mid-career professionals and recent college graduates to become teachers and make a measurable difference in our most critical subject areas: math, science, ELL, and special education. There are Fellows working in more than half of the district’s schools already. The NTF program’s goal is to recruit, select, and train only the most outstanding candidates who have the potential to effectively increase student achievement in their classrooms. 

Nashville Teaching Fellows:

       Participate in a rigorous summer pre-service training to develop their ability to increase student achievement as a new teacher in a high-need school;

       Achieve significant academic growth with all of their students and hold themselves accountable by measuring student outcomes in their classrooms; and

       Complete requirements during their first year teaching to earn their permanent Tennessee certification.


Third and fourth grade students attending Cole Elementary in Antioch, Tn., and Kirkpatrick Enhanced Option in Nashville, recently proved that elementary students have what it takes to debate! Saturday, Jan. 28, both schools met to debate five topics on the campus of Vanderbilt University.  Under the guidance of their teachers, who served as debate team coaches, these newly inspired debaters argued the following issues:

  • elementary children should not be allowed to watch tv,

  • elementary children should not be allowed to carry cell phones on campus, 

  • public schools should not mandate school uniforms,

  • schools should implement year-round schools, and

  • states should not set age 12 as the legal age restriction for latch-key kids.

These young debaters have worked on learning the rules, researching their topics, and practicing speaking in public since late September and early October.  Each school set its own practice schedule.  Kirkpatrick students meet once a week after school, while Cole students meet twice a month on a Saturday.  The commitment shown by the children has been an inspiration to the coaches and volunteers that are guiding them.

A crowd of about 50 families, friends and teachers from each school gathered to watch the first debate.  Kirkpatrick won three of the five arguments of this inaugural event.  The next meeting between these two elementary schools will be on April 28 on the campus of Vanderbilt University.


Moozie at Fall-Hamilton 2012

"It's all up to me" was the theme of a recent visit from Moozie, the ambassador of kindness for the Children's Kindness Network, at Fall-Hamilton Enhanced Option Elementary. Students heard a story from the beloved character, and those who shared how they have been kind received a free copy of "Moozie's Kind Adventure"! Also included with the book was a CD of the book being read by Larry Gatlin who was backed up by he 90-piece orchestra fro Arizona State University.

This was the third year Moozie visited Fall-Hamilton.


Ten Metro Nashville Public Schools’ students are preparing for the trip of a lifetime. The group has been invited to participate in an annual program, “In Performance at the White House: Red, White and Blues,” that will include music greats Mick Jagger, B.B. King, Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, Keb Mo, Gary Clarke Jr., and Trombone Shorty. The event will be held Tuesday, Feb. 21, at 2:30 p.m. CST, in the East Room at the White House. First Lady Michelle Obama will be in attendance.

MNPS students selected to attend include:

Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School

  • Dominique Y. Trotter

  • Chelsea D. Byrd

  • Leona L. Turner

Overton High School

  • Kaitlyn E. Edwards Edwardo Alegria

Nashville Schools of the Arts

  • Aaron Bell

  • Brittany Edwards

  • Austin Valentine

McGavock High School

  • Maria C. Artavia

  • James C. Johnson

These students, along with peers from around the country, will participate in an educational session focusing on Blues in America. The session, “At the Crossroads: A History of the Blues in America,” will be taught by GRAMMY Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli. Students will first hear about the history of the Blues and then participate in a panel discussion with the featured artists.

During the trip, the students will interview the event production team, meet with Congressional leaders, and tour the Museum of American History, the Lincoln Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. Michelle Wilcox, Lead Principal, MNPS District Office, Robert “Principal Bob” Wilson, from Nashville School of the Arts and Kim Johnson, Director of General Administration with NMAAM, will chaperone.

The educational session and performances will be streamed live on the White House website for schools around the country to observe. It will also air on Nashville Public Television Monday, Feb. 27, at 8 p.m. CST.


Mark North

Board Member &

Sports Fan Mark North

Tournament Basketball

Few things can compare to the excitement of basketball tournaments. The tension and emotion is amplified knowing that every game is one team’s last. The seniors on both teams take the court knowing that this could be their last game, and thus the end to an important chapter in their young lives. The effort is extraordinary from tip-off to the final buzzer in every game….Fantastic!

MNPS schools hosting tournaments this week include: Stratford High School, Antioch High School, Antioch Middle School, and McKissack Middle School (played at Pearl-Cohn).

Extraordinary Hoops Venue … The Creek

Every high school gym has its own personality – its own character. The North Sports Report had the privilege of attending a couple of games at Whites Creek recently, and the production value of “Basketball Night at the Creek” is off the charts.

The atmosphere is electric with the championship banners, the Cobra painted at mid-court and on the wall, and the framed jerseys of bygone sports heroes like Vanderbilt star and Super Bowl champion Shelton Quarles. The Whites Creek marching band rocking in the bleachers, the top-notch cheerleading squad, a regal Coming Home ceremony (like homecoming except for basketball), the expert public address announcer, and exciting basketball all add up to a superior spectator experience. Sitting in the stands, I had a flashback to my youth and could vividly picture Cobra great Jackie Cowan, one of the all-time great women’s basketball players in MNPS and Vanderbilt history, running the floor and dominating play. Basketball Night at the Creek is one of those must see experiences for all sports fans.

Shout Out

Last week, I ran into longtime Hume Fogg girls basketball coach Angela Hubbard who mentioned that she enjoyed reading the Sports Report each week … Result: The North Sports Report made it a point to attend her next game (which they won in overtime) and gives a shout out here. Woop Woop for Coach Hubbard!

Keeping up with the Firebirds

Mike Strasinger of www.sportsnashville.net wrote a tremendous tribute to Pearl-Cohn’s football program and Coach Tony Brunetti for his untiring efforts to encourage opportunities for Pearl-Cohn student-athletes to obtain college scholarships. It takes more than X’s and O’s to be a successful coach…it takes undying dedication to and love for your players. Coach Brunetti’s efforts for his players display that dedication and love to the nth degree.

Every Day I’m Grapplin’…Update from the Mat

The State Wrestling Championships will feature several MNPS grapplers this week in Franklin. According to the TSSAA website, the wrestling championships will include:

  • Salih Musa (Overton);

  • Breon Blackwell (Antioch);

  • Hamadi Hassan (McGavock);

  • Adrian Whitworth (Overton);

  • Chris Ocon (Overton);

  • Clarence Mathis (Antioch);

  • Carlos Garcia (McGavock);

  • Kevin Braziel (McGavock);

  • Roland Bituli (Hillwood);

  • Ronquai Love (MLK);

  • Trenton Bell (Hunters Lane);

  • Carlos Harrison (McGavock);

  • Trevion James (Antioch);

  • Shad Haji (Glencliff)

  • Garang Madut (Glencliff)

  • Keith Harris (MLK); and

  • Nolan Sexton (McGavock).

Congratulations and good luck to all MNPS wrestlers!

TSSAA Honors MNPS Great

Legendary Coach and administrator James Armstrong has been named to the 2012 class of the TSSAA Hall of Fame. Coach Armstrong’s influence on countless student-athletes, on high school athletics in Middle Tennessee and on the entire Nashville community cannot be overstated. Congratulations to Coach Armstrong for this well-deserved and long overdue honor.

Spring Sports

It’s still cold, but practice for Spring Sports started this week. From now until graduation, MNPS student-athletes will be taking it to the track, diamond, court, and pitch (i.e. soccer field) as they look to dominate again this year in Track, Softball, Baseball, Tennis, and Boys’ Soccer. Spring Sports Fever…Catch it!

-- Mark North

MNPS: The First Choice for Extraordinary Effort



Spring Gateway Testing is almost here. For high school students who will be taking Gateway Tests, the first opportunity to take them starts on Monday, February 20.

Students who started high school prior to the 2009-10 school year will take Gateway Tests. If you are unsure if you are supposed to take Gateway Tests, ask your school counselor.

Not all schools will give Gateway tests during this time. There are three possible times during the spring when a school may administer the Gateway Test.

To find out when your school will be giving Gateway Tests, ask your school counselor. A full schedule of all testing windows is available below.

February Test Administration Window:  February 20- 24

March Test Administration Window:  March 19-23

April Test Administration Window:  April 23-27


Nutritious meals are essential to student productivity. All Metro schools offer breakfast and lunch to every student every school day. We believe no student should be denied nutritious meals and offer both temporary and long-term solutions for students unable to pay for their meals.

For students and families unable to regularly meet the cost, we offer free and reduced priced meals. For students who occasionally may forget their lunch money, we allow meals to be charged with the expectation that the debt will be paid promptly.

This expectation is not always met, leaving uncollected debts in our cafeterias – something prohibited by Federal regulations. Because of this, we will no longer allow high school students to charge meals in school cafeterias, effective February 20, 2012.

Free and reduced price meals are still available for all families who qualify.

To learn more about how to apply for meal assistance, click here.

To see the nutritious options available in our school cafeterias, click here.

For other languages, click here.


Approximately 190 pieces of art created by children in 24 after school programs, including many in Metro Schools, is currently on exhibit at the Tennessee Art League, located at 808 Broadway. The student artwork was created through various programs including YMCA Fun Company, Martha O’Bryan Center and NAZA.

artEMBRACE is a unique art enrichment program that serves children in 140+ after school sites throughout five counties in Middle Tennessee.  The organization hires local, professional artists who have prior teaching experience to go to assigned schools and teach a wide variety of art forms in both the visual and performing arts.  The majority of the sessions are 4-8 weeks in the spring and fall with a few sites receiving special workshops known as “Art Bytes.” All sessions are offered free of charge.

The artEMBRACE exhibit can be viewed through Feb. 29.

artEMBRACE diplay 2012 - student artwork on display at The Tennessee Art League


Stratford STEM Magnet High School has had quite a few "firsts" this year, and its adding yet another! This spring, the new STEM Magnet high school is hosting the inaugural STEM competition for high schools throughout the district. Check out the details below.


Tuesday, Feb 7, Rocky, a student at Hillsboro High, took the stage for the first time as a solo artist! Rocky performed at the 16-year anniversary celebration of the Billy Block Show. He was backed up by his brother Grady, on drums and keys; Jamie M., son of hit singer/songwriter Pat McLaughlin; and Anthony R.  

Rocky was born "live on the air" 15 years ago when the Billy Block show aired on Lightening 100.

Hillsboro student performs on Billy Block show 2012


Antioch’s Academy of Technology and Communication students recently had the chance to see what they’ve been studying in action. A group of select students recently traveled to Smyrna to meet with Nissan representatives and to see their respective class curriculum actually being performed in the real world.  Their opportunities included meeting Nissan employees on and off the assembly line, a question and answer period with employees, and an informative tour of the plant.

Here’s what the students had to say:

"I think the Nissan Plant experience was awesome!  I wish we could do it all over again.  I really liked how Antioch students tour Nissan 2012Nissan uses robots and seeing the robots work was cool.  Watching the cars being made from scratch was a neat experience.  I believe that is something I would want to do in the future".  Ralph S., junior

"My experience to the Nissan Plant in Smyrna can be summed up in one word: exhilarating.  It was cool seeing all the cars coming from the raw material stage to being a complete car.  Seeing all the robots was awesome, too, especially the larger than life robots working.  I would like to thank Mr. Muhlstadt, Nissan, and Antioch High School for giving me a truly learning experience."  Trey H., senior

"Touring the Nissan plant was an awesome experience, even though we couldn’t see the test track which I know everyone wanted to see.  We literally saw the assembly line, the workers actually working on the cars, instead of just putting on a little play for us.  Since being in this class I’ve wanted to have my career in the automotive business.  I don’t want to work on the assembly line, but I want to work with the car itself and all the parts of it.  Going to the Nissan plant made me want an automotive job even more."  Christian M., senior

"I enjoyed the Nissan tour very much.  One of my favorite parts was watching the robots piece together the cars and weld the pieces together.  Sparks were flying right over our heads while we were on the tram.  Another cool part was being able to see the giant metal press in action.  I only wish I could work there someday.  It would be amazing."  Joseph W., senior


The Glencliff Cluster will soon host a special forum Bringing Justice to YOU. This district-wide event will be held Saturday, Feb. 25 at Glencliff High School.

Guest speakers will be Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry and Public Defender Dawn Deaner. This is a FREE and open to the public event.


Hillwood High School is helping juniors get ready for the ACT! For two weeks, Feb. 25 - March 15, the school will host a free, after-school ACT Prep Class. Classes will be held Monday - Thursday, from 2:30 - 4 p.m.


Sister Cities Ambassadors in Caen - two MNPS students were selected to serve as ambassadors during Caen, France International WeekTwo MNPS students recently spent a week in Caen, France as Nashville Ambassadors for the city's International Week! Audrey Y., a sophomore at Nashville School of the Arts, and Milly B., a senior at Hume-Fogg High School, were chosen as ambassadors after writing an essay application and interviewing in French. During their trip, they had a chance to visit Paris, were interviewed by a video crew in Caen for International Week, and got to enhance their knowledge of the French language and culture.   

Sister Cities of Nashville is a not-for-profit whose mission is to connect the people of Nashville to people of the world, promoting peace through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation. Caen has been an active sister city to Nashville since 1990 and invited all its sister city partners around the world to send two high school delegates for a four-day workshop and international fair. 


Metro Nashville Board of Education members Gracie Porter, chair, and Mark North, vice-chair, recently visited Washington, D.C., with a team of Tennessee delegates. The group visited the Federal Relations Network where they met with Tennessee legislators on important education issues.

Board trip to DC 2012 - board members Gracie Porter and Mark North served on a delegation of Tennessee education leaders


Saturday, Feb. 4, the YMCA Latino Achievers Club at Antioch High School hosted its second annual ACT preparation workshop, welcoming 25 Antioch students as well as 15 students from Glencliff, Overton, Cane Ridge, and Nashville School of the Arts.  More than two dozen college students from Vanderbilt University and other local universities volunteered their time and expertise for the workshop, providing one-on-one and two-on-one tutoring in five break-out sessions for each of the ACT subject areas (mathematics, reading, science, and English) as well as a session on study skills. Students left with the practical skills and confidence they need to be successful taking the ACT. 

Antioch YMCA Latin Achievers ACT Prep workshop



See what's going on inside MNPS Coordinated School Health!


Richard W. Oliver, CEO of American Sentinel University, recently donated $1,000 to Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School. Half of the donation will be used to increase parental involvement; the other half will go toward the school’s scholarship program for the Taste of Nashville.

In addition to the monetary donation, Oliver also offered two scholarships per year to students enrolled in The Academy at Old Cockrill. The scholarship recipients will be able to earn two-year associates degrees from American Sentinel University.


Katerine H., a student in the Academy of Hospitality and Marketing at Glencliff High School, made quite a name for herself in the recently held Jefferson Scholarship competition. From an initial pool of more than 20 applicants, Katy is one of just seven who earned a second interview with the Middle Tennessee Selection Committee.  Her second interview took place Saturday, Jan. 28. 

The Jefferson Scholars Foundation at the University of Virginia awards roughly 30 full merit-based scholarships to students throughout the country and abroad. Nominees are selected because they epitomize the qualities of citizenship, scholarship, and leadership - these envisioned by Thomas Jefferson, founder of  the University, when he considered the makeup of the ideal student at Virginia.    

According to administrators at Glencliff, this is a remarkable achievement and a rigorous process.  Through it Katy has conducted herself with grace, confidence and poise, in a manner befitting her family, her community, her classmates and her teachers. She is deserving of this honor, and her Glencliff family could not be more proud. Congratulations!


Overton Class 75 Donation - a group of the graduating class of 1975 from Overton High presenting a donation to Overton Principal Dr. PelhamTuesday, Jan. 31, several members of the John Overton High School class of ’75 attended a faculty meeting at Overton High School to present a gift to the school. Lynn Stanfield Wilbanks, daughter of long-time Overton principal William J. Stanfield, Connie Brown Kimbro, and Cindy Haden Dickens presented Principal Dr. Andrew Shuler-Pelham and Library Media Specialist Gwen Hines with a check for $1975 in memory of deceased classmates. This money will be used to buy document readers for classroom use. The class of 1975 still appreciates the many opportunities John Overton High School offered them some 37 years ago. The group hopes that their donation will help the teachers in their day-to-day work with students. The presentation concluded with a thank you and a heartfelt reminder to the teachers that their time, energy and efforts given to their students every day is making a difference now and for many years to come.


A Whites Creek High School Public Service Academy student is working to make the community cleaner and healthier. Now his work has landed him a spotlight in Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies newsletter. To read more about the senior's efforts to recruit students to his cause and start a Sierra Club, click here.


Mark North

Board Member &

Sports Fan Mark North

Signing Day…Scholarship Celebration

Celebrations were held in the cafeteria, auditorium, library and gymnasium in schools all across Nashville as student-athletes signed their scholarship papers to attend college. The North Sports Report attended the signing celebration at Hillsboro. As I watched the proud parents and the student-athletes officially accept scholarship offers amid the cheers, balloons, media attention etc., it dawned on me that I was witnessing the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice by the student and the parents – not to mention, the teachers, youth league coaches, middle school coaches, extended family and friends. I know the student-athletes deserve the accolades, but those parents have traveled from field to field, sat through terrible weather, nursed bruised egos after losses, cleaned the uniforms, encouraged, insisted on the completion of homework, chauffeured to practice, and on and on and on. Parents…that signing party was for you too.

See photos from Signing Day 2012!

Student-Athletes who signed on February 1 included:

Eric Miles (Antioch) Carson Newman
Amiri Hawkins (Hillsboro) Univ. of Tennessee Martin
Ben Ross (Hillsboro) Carson Newman
Ladarius Vanlier (Maplewood) Tennessee Tech
Steven Johnson (Maplewood) Lindsey Wilson College
Caleb Azubike (McGavock) Vanderbilt
Presley Gamble (McGavock) Southern Virginia
Zabian King (Overton) Arkansas Tech
Elijah Annor (Pearl-Cohn) Austin Peay
Larry Brown (Pearl-Cohn) Bethel
Darrius Darden-Box (Pearl-Cohn) Southeast Missouri State
DeMario Darnell (Pearl-Cohn) Tennessee Tech
Ryan Deisling (Pearl-Cohn) Jackson State
Terrence Haynes (Pearl-Cohn) Highland Community College
Carl Jones Jr. (Pearl-Cohn) N.C. Central
Trevon Miles (Pearl-Cohn) Highland Community College
Jordan Payne (Pearl-Cohn) Bethel
Ronald Stayton-Williams (Pearl-Cohn) Fayetteville State
Tyler Wilson (Stratford) Carson Newman
Girls Basketball
Keira Holt (Hillsboro) Wilberforce University
Girls Soccer
Sloane Logan (Overton) Georgia Southwestern State

Congratulations to all MNPS Seniors and to everyone that helped them reach for the stars.

Middle School Hoops Tournaments

The second season starts soon. At the outset of basketball tournaments, every team has a chance to win the championship. The Eastern Division and Western Division Middle School tournaments start February 9, and the first games will be played on the home court of the higher seed team with the winners advancing to Pearl-Cohn High School for the Eastern Division and Antioch Middle School for the Western Division (seems geographically backward, but that’s the information I have) the next week. The Middle School City Championship Basketball Tournament will be played at Pearl-Cohn High School February 23 and 24. Make your plans to attend the high-flying hoopapalooza that is the Middle School Division and City Basketball Tournaments.

Spartan Pride…New Coach Named

The Stratford Spartans football team will take the field this fall under the leadership of new coach Aaron Pitts. Coach Pitts is up to the task of continuing the Stratford tradition of great players and teams and legendary coaches. From his history as a “passing game” specialist, opposing defenses better be ready for an exciting brand of Stratford football. Good luck Coach Pitts and all our MNPS coaches.

Brush with Fame

The North Sports Report ran into Pearl High football legend, TSU great, former Philadelphia Eagle, and present-day tailor to the stars Randolph Williamson this week. Randolph is another example of MNPS sports legends returning to Nashville, starting a successful business and inspiring a new generation.

-- Mark North

MNPS: The First Choice for Inspiring a New Generation



Hillsboro High School is hosting an open house for all rising 8th, 9th, and 10th graders (and their parents) interested in learning more about the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The school's Academy of IBDP is an elite college preparatory program. Check out the flyer for details.

Hillsboro Academy of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Open House

Monday, Feb. 13, 6 p.m.

Hillsboro Library


Talk about a staunch supporter of Metro Schools and music education! At the 2012 Keep the Music Playing Concert held Jan. 31, CMA executives presented a check for $1.4 million to Metro Schools to help support music education. Since 2006, the association has donation $6.1 million in funds and music equipment to our schools.

To read the full release, click here.

 CMA 2012 Donation Check Presentation - a check presentation at the 2012 Keep the Music Playing Concert CMA 2012 Glengarry students with Suzy Bogguss - students performing at the 2012 Keep the Music Playing All-Star Concert 
Check Presentation

Courtesy Donn Jones, CMA

Glengarry students performing with Suzy Bogguss

Courtesy Donn Jones, CMA


The Fifth Third Financial Empowerment Bus (eBus) is rolling to a stop at Sam Levy Community Center Tuesday, Feb. 7, from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. The entire Nashville community is invited to drop by and receive financial tips and guidance. Sam Levy is located at 302 Foster Street. Check out the flyer below for more information.


The Nashville After Zone Alliance, known by most as NAZA, is getting a big boost! The program started in 2009 by Nashville Mayor Karl Dean has been awarded a grant from the Wallace Foundation for $765,000. This will allow NAZA to nearly triple in size, serving an additional 750 students. Check out the full news release below.

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