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Our students are on the air!

You may have caught them on TV or heard them playing on the radio during Tennessee Titans games. A new series of commercials spotlights high school students and their experiences in The Academies of Nashville. Check them out!

CLICK HERE to listen to the radio ad

The students are very excited to be featured, but even more excited about the opportunities offered through their high school Academies. Check out what our high schools have to offer over on the Academies of Nashville page. For even more student stories - written by the students themselves - check out MyAcademyBlog.com!

These ads were put together with the help of Ford Next Generation Learning and put on the air as part of a local Ford dealer advertising buy. 

For more information on Ford Next Generation Learning, you can visit their website or Facebook page. They have been a continue to be a key partner for the Academies of Nashville.


Approximately 70% of adults with disabilities are unemployed in the U.S. These individuals are highly dedicated, talented, and genuinely want to work. And now, many of them are thanks to the strong partnerships formed through the MNPS Exceptional Education Department's Community Based Transition Program. This program has opened the door to internship opportunities, work-based training, and even gainful employment. But the students aren't the only ones who benefit. Check out the video below for an in-depth look at the power of community-based transition programs. A special thank you to the students and teachers who allowed us to tag along (with cameras) on their busy days, as well as the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, Holiday Inn-Vanderbilt, Airport Marriott, the United Methodist Publishing House, Skyline Medical Center, Martin Professional Development Center, and the MNPS Customer Service Center for not only opening their doors to our students and staff, but for participating in this video.


Student filmmakers! Here is your chance to flex your creative muscle and to help make your schools safer. MNPS is changing its approach to bullying. We've more clearly defined what is considered bullying and beefed up out reporting and investigation practices. The next step to any good change in policy is to spread the word. That's where we need your help.We want your ideas for videos to build awareness and encourage students to report bullying incidents. Following the guidelines posted at the bottom of this page, submit your video to the Anti-Bullying Taskforce. We'll sift through and pick a standout to serve as our primary PSA on the website!Your video should accomplish three things: Show what bullying is. Pushing and shoving? That's bullying. Harassing text messages at school? That's bullying. Name calling and threats on Facebook? That's bullying. Show as many forms as you please. Feel free to include the phrase "This is Bullying." Encourage students to report bullying in whatever way is safe and comfortable. Particular importance should be placed on the new text message reporting system that is under heavy consideration. Don't worry about including the phone number. We'll take care of that later. Feel free to include the phrase "Here is Help." Have fun and be creative! We want to see what you can do! Be as inventive and as fun as possible. Use whatever format and style you want. Just remember your audience: fellow students. Of course, no contest is complete without rules and a deadline, so here they are: Five minutes or shorter, with preference given to videos under three minutes. No obscenities, threatening language, or otherwise inappropriate material should be included. Use common sense. Inappropriate material will not be considered or tolerated. If you have students in your video, include a list of first and last names for every student. Any student featured in a video must have their parents sign a media permission form. Unsure if you have one? Check with your main office. Your video will be used by the MNPS Communications Department in many potential forms: online, television, presentations, group meetings and any other form that we see fit. Deadline: March 15, 2011, at 4:30 p.m. You may post your video to YouTube or another video sharing site. Send links to these videos to MNPSCommunicationsOffice@mnps.org You may also submit your video on DVD or CD and send it to the following address: MNPS Communications2601 Bransford AvenueNashville, TN 37204 Questions? Ask MNPSCommunicationsOffice@mnps.org We hope that you take advantage of this great opportunity!

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