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Metro Board Representative Elissa Kim at Head 2012Metro Board Representative Elissa Kim is proving her support for students and staff in the district. Kim recently spoke at Head Middle Magnet School's Pastries With Parents. A staunch advocate for quality public education, Kim shared her history with parents as well as her excitement of helping take Teach for America nationwide.

Kim is also conducting a “listening tour” through which she will assess the needs of parents, students, and educators in District 5. After her presentation, parents had the opportunity to ask questions and share insight. 


You’re invited!


Winter Festival of the Creative Arts

Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School

904 26th Avenue, North, Nashville 37208

December 4, 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

The Winter Festival of the Creative Arts will feature performances from students in band, chorus, and dance classes, as well as a gallery of artwork from the school’s Digital Design classes. Students are working every aspect of this event, including the marketing and promotion. Read the student-written press release for the Festival.

This is the culminating event of an interdisciplinary project-based learning unit focused on examining how the Pearl-Cohn community demonstrates individualism and aesthetic appreciation through the creative arts. Pearl-Cohn is currently serving as a district project-based learning demonstration school for its excellence in creating and implementing interdisciplinary units of study that revolve around a specific, hands-on learning project.


It’s called the Office of Innovation for a reason! Here are a few great examples of the work happening in our Innovation Zone schools:

Hattie Cotton is entering the Magnet Schools of America Schools of Excellence contest. The Hogan Lovells Award was established in 2006 to recognize new and emerging magnet programs.

Congratulations to the Promethium grant winners from Napier: Emily Parsely, 2nd grade; Camellia Wells, Kindergarten; and Mary Jane Hollingsworth, 4thgrade.

Cameron received a $500 grant from the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP), and a $1,000 grant from TWRA for their new Archery program.

Katie Kendall, science teacher at John Early Museum Magnet Middle School, has been selected as this year’s recipient of the TSTA 5-8 Science Educator of the Year award. This prestigious award seeks to recognize outstanding science teachers from across the state. Katie was recognized formally at an awards luncheon held at the Embassy Suites Conference Center in Murfreesboro Friday, Nov. 2, 2012.

Vanderbilt Student Volunteers for Science (VSVS) applauds John Early faculty and students for a great semester and looks forward to continuing and growing partnership!

Buena Vista students participated in Recycle to Win. Photos are here.

John Early students took their Egyptian studies unit to a new level … they mummified chickens…Just in time for the holidays!

Stratford STEM Magnet High and Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High carried the torch with successful Academy showcases during the National Career Academy Coalition conference held in Nashville in early November. Pearl-Cohn also hosted a group from the National Alliance of Black School Educators during their annual conference, also in Nashville.


Head Runners for Mayor's 5K

Head Middle Magnet School participated in the Mayor’s 5K on Sunday, Nov. 19. Andrea Hawkins, 8th grade science and physical science teacher, organized the event. School faculty and several families ran or walked. Congrats to Joshua Rice, 6th grade math teacher, and Sarah Diehl, 7th grade math teacher, for finishing with the fastest times at 29 minutes and 32 minutes respectively.


Two days before the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s a pretty fair assumption that turkeys are on JEMMMS Mummy 2012
the minds of many. But at John Early Museum Magnet Middle School, a different type of fowl has students preoccupied.

As part of a unit on Egyptian culture, the students are studying mummies. Nothing really new there, but what IS new is that students are actually mummifying chickens. Check out the photos below of the project-based lesson in action!

John Early Museum Magnet Middle School gives students a chance to learn rigorous academics in the setting of a museum. The school teaches and implements museum methods including inquiry, critical thinking, projects, interpretation and hands-on analysis of objects. It relies on the integration of the arts across the curriculum to further engage students, and it enlists the help of curators and educators from more than 30 museums, historic sites and organizations in the midstate.


The National Alliance for Black School Educators (NASBE) annual conference is in Nashville this weekend (the conference kicked off Nov. 14 and wraps up the 18th), and NABSE tour of PearlCohnseveral Metro Schools are getting involved! 

Wednesday, Nov. 14, conference guests toured several schools including the construction site of the new Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet studio (pictured left). The studio is a collaboration of the Recording Academy’s Producers and Engineers Wing, Steven Durr Designs, Music Makes Us and MNPS. The state-of-the-art studio is expected to open in February/March 2013.

Thursday, Nov. 15, Chandler J., an 8th grader at Head Middle Magnet, had the privilege of introducing Roland S. Martin, CNN news Chandler J Head student at NABSE 2012analyst, who served as the Keynote Speaker. Pictured right.

Later that day, hundreds of high school students from across the district participated in a Youth Symposium where they came together with educators and civic leaders to discuss ways to create a stronger emphasis on good writing.

The following day, Maplewood High School’s Junior ROTC Unit TN-933 performed Color Guard detail for the Opening Plenary again featuring Martin, the keynote speaker of the conference. This performance came the same week the students helped celebrate Veteran’s Day with a performance at The River Church and participation in the Downtown Nashville Veteran’s Day parade.

Maplewood High School’s Junior ROTC at NABSE 2012


We’re halfway into the Optional School Application period. Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High and Stratford STEM Magnet High leaders are eager for you to see the challenging and engaging programs that are happening in their schools!

Thursday, Nov. 15, both schools will open their doors to the community with student showcases, classroom tours, and more. The Stratford program runs from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.; the Pearl-Cohn program runs from 6 - 7:30 p.m.

Specific to Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School, families will see a dynamic student performance; tour PCTV, the school television studio; watch project-based learning demonstrations; and be able to meet with image consultants!

Meanwhile, families interested in science, technology, engineering and math programs at Stratford STEM Magnet High will be able to tour the schools’ two Academies, The Academy of Science and Engineering and The Academy of National Safety and Securities Technology. Families will also get the first look the school’s state-of-the-art Biotechnology and Computer Gaming/Simulation Laboratory; the event will serve as the grand opening for this new learning laboratory.

Optional School enrollment is now available online. The deadline to apply is 5:30 p.m., Nov. 30 if you want to be included in the random selection process that will be held in early January.


Engineering students in Stratford STEM Magnet High School’s Academy of Science and Engineering participated in the Engineers Day competitions on Thursday, Oct. 25.  The group of 10 teams took a special field trip to Knoxville and held their own in the state competition that consisted of more than 100 teams. Of the 10 Stratford teams, two placed in the top 10!

Congratulations to:
8th Place – Joshua H., Micah H.

10th Place – Austin F., Benton M., Blake S., Ohaige W.

21st Place – Christian M., Andre J., Casey S.

25th Place – Tristen F., Jonathan S., Karalyn C., Hallie C.

45th Place – Melanie H., Michael I., Quang N., Joseph U.

Also during the Engineers Day competions, Stratford aspiring engineers Logan A. and Dustin P. received honorable mentions for their performance in the Balsa Wood Bridge Competition. The contestants were asked to construct two bridges that could hold the greatest amount of sand.  Logan’s bridge was able to hold a mass of 11.2 kilograms before failing while Dustin’s bridge held 25 kilograms before failure.


Rose Park Math and Science Magnet Middle School won the highly coveted SCORE Prize, a statewide award that recognizes dramatic improvement in student achievement. Rose Park won in the middle school division.

Click to read the official news release issued by SCORE.


A group of 25 principals from China observed classes and toured the John Early campus Wednesday morning. They were part of an exchange that had hosted several Nashville administrators. John Early served as one of four schools that the group visited over the course of the day. After sitting in on lessons on creative writing, the Underground Railroad, and algebra the administrators met with a panel of parents and museum partners for a Q & A session. The museum theme and process were of particular interest to the delegation who observed examples of learning and student-created exhibits.

Chinese Principals pose with John Early Faculty


Robert Churchwell Literacy Night 2012

Families at Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet joined together for a fun night of reading.
Literacy Night at Robert Churchwell gives parents an opportunity to share their love of reading with their children, as well as explore new ways to include daily reading activities with children.

Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet caters to the budding storyteller. The museum theme allows students to uncover interesting and unique stories and find creative, meaningful ways to share them. The school benefits from strong community partnerships with Adventure Science Center, Cheekwood Botanical Gardens & Museum of Art, Frist Center for the Visual Arts, and the Tennessee State Museum.


Students and staff at Hume-Fogg Magnet High School HumeFogg sign - the sign in front of the building with historical information about the schoolwill become part of history next week as they celebrate the school's 100th birthday. Friday, Oct. 19, from 6 - 8 p.m., the school community will gather for a special birthday celebration that includes cake, punch, school tours, a display of historical archives and a special presentation at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.

Hume-Fogg is Nashville's first public school. It originally opened as Hume School n 1855 under the direction of Alfred Hume. In its early years, the school served students grades K-12. In 1874, the upper grades were moved to Fogg School, which sat on an adjoining lot. In 1912, the schools were replaced by Hume-Fogg, as it remains today.


Rose Park Magnet Middle School is up for quite an honor; the school is one of three middle schools in Tennessee in the running for the second annual SCORE Prize. Winners will be announced Monday, Oct. 8, at the Ryman Auditorium. The ceremony begins at 6 p.m.

The award recognizes one school at each tier, as well as one school district that have shown dramatic improvements in student achievement. If selected, Rose Park will receive $10,000.


Alice Sanford, Latin teacher at Hume-Fogg Magnet, is next week’s News 2 Teacher of the Week! She will be featured during News 2 at 10, Thursday, Oct. 11, and again during the 6am news Friday, Oct. 12.

, Domina Sanford!

(We hope we got that right!)


Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet School English teacher Christopher Dowlen is at the top of his class! Dowlen was recently awarded the Don Jenkins Award for Excellence in the Teaching of English/Language Arts. Up to three teachers from Tennessee are awarded this prestigious honor each year.


Parents, students, teachers, school partners, and the Metro Nashville Election Commission jumped into a whirlwind of excitement at the John Early Museum Magnet Middle School Open House. It served as a celebration of the start of a new school year and a formal introduction of the school’s new administration - Mrs. Rise’ Pope, JEMMS Open House 2012principal, and Mrs. Tanya Whittaker-Coleman, assistant principal. The night also served as the grand opening of the JEMMMS  Museum Room which currently embodies the theme “It’s All Greek To Me.” If that’s not enough, school leaders also used the night to kick off the school’s voter registration drive! School staff is working closely with Janet King and the Cumberland View Homes to register new voters.

Open House was highlighted with several school partners including PNA, Castles, ASET, TennCare and Girls Inc. All were strategically positioned to share information, answer questions and meet parents. Cumberland View also provided transportation for parents to the Open House. 

John Early’s Open House was a united effort to bring teachers, parents, partners, and the community together to build an atmosphere of excellence at John Early Museum Magnet Middle School. And from the sounds of things, it did just that!


Limitless Library Slogan Winner - Rose Park student SundusIf you haven't checked out Nashville's Limitless Library lately, you should! The site now boasts the system's catchy, new slogan "The future is in your hands, make it limitless," penned by Rose Park student Sundus C. Sundus is an avid Limitless Libraries user.

Limitless Libraries is a partnership between Nashville Public Libraries and MNPS, launched in 2009 under the direction of Mayor Karl Dean. Thousands of students in all Metro Schools use the system daily to access online literature, DVDs, CDs, and more.


Bailey STEM Magnet Middle Open House a- a photo of Principal Christian Sawyer with students

Bailey STEM Magnet Middle School held their inaugural Parent & Scholar Open House last night, Aug. 23. Dr. Christian Sawyer, principal pictured below with students, presented the new school vision to a huge crowd of parents. Families were able to capture the STEM culture of Bailey STEM through a demonstration by the full-time scientist Dr. McKissic, introduction of the teachers by the Bulldog cheerleaders, and a beautifully sung version of the mission statement performed by the Diversity Choir.


Students at Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet School have an incredible new Heath & Fitness facility at their disposal. Thanks to Dane Burks & Company Fitness and the YMCA of Middle Tennessee, the school now has a brand new, state-of-the-art fitness facility for students and staff. The center includes elliptical trainers, a full weight gym, treadmills, and more. The project began as a simple need noticed by Lifetime Wellness teacher, Dr. Tina Bozeman, NBCT, but culminated with a true community partnership.

 MLK Health & Fitness Center 2012 photos MLK Health & Fitness Center 2012 photos 


Explore your school options for the 2013-14 school year at the inaugural First Choice Festival. Families will be able to visit with representatives from the districts 153 schools, explore programs offered in our district, and learn how to apply.

The First Choice Festival will be held Thursday, Oct. 18, 4:30 - 7:30 p.m., at McGavock High School. The event is sponsored by WSMV-Channel 4 News, NES, The Memorial Foundation, Vanderbilt University, Comcast, Metro Water Services, Ingram, Tractor Supply Company, Gaylord Entertainment, Kroger, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, AT&T, and RGAnderson.

Click here for more.

1stChoicePicture - a graphic promoting the 2012 First Choice Festival


Looking for something fun, and free, to do tonight? It's Nashville School of the Arts Night at Shakespeare in the Park. Load up the family, picnic baskets, blankets, and/or lawn chairs and enjoy the high school theatre department's performances. The show starts at 7:30 p.m., at the Centennial Park Bandshell. 


Students and staff at Hattie Cotton STEM Magnet Elementary are getting into character this school year! Tuesday, August 14 Hattie Cotton STEM Magnet Elementary’s staff dressed up as book characters to kick off the first nine-week theme of “Friends Far and Near”.  At the end of the nine weeks each classroom will have completed a class book that will be displayed at the East Nashville Public Library. The books will be used to teach the community about various literary styles. 

Hattie Cotton Reading Theme 2012 - class project will be displayed at library for community to see


Churchwell Math Night 2012 - students solving hands-on math problems

Families at Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary School and the Nashville community came together to see just how fun math can be!  Nashville Public Television, TSU Women’s Basketball Players, WSMV's Snowbird, Vanderbilt University's Mr. Commodore, and representatives from 92Q celebrated the evening and focused on fine-tuning math skills with the students and families of Robert Churchwell.

Roughly 180 students and their parents attended the special family night. They enjoyed a dance-off with area mascots and tested their math skills with a variety of hands-on problems that needed solving.

Churchwell Math Night 2012 - community partners


Congratulations are in order for five MLK students who were named National Achievement Scholarship recipients! Eriny H., Troie J., Jasmine K., Carmen O., and Shanna R. were among 700 students nationwide who received $2500 scholarships for outstanding academic achievements. More than 160,000 students nationwide entered the scholarship competition when they took the 2010 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Of those, 1,600 were named semifinalists and only 800 students in the nation were named finalists and received scholarships.

According to a news release issued by National Merit Scholarship Corporation, the National Achievement Scholarship Program is a privately financed academic competition established in 1964 specifically to honor scholastically talented Black American youth and to provide scholarships to a substantial number of the most outstanding participants in each annual competition. By the conclusion of the 2012 program, marking the 48th annual competition, about 31,800 participants will have received scholarships for undergraduate study worth more than $100 million. The program is conducted by National Merit Scholarship Corporation, a not-for-profit organization that operates without government assistance.


Hume-Fogg junior Erin W. has earned national recognition in The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards of 2012, presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Erin has been identified by panels of professional artists and writers as one of the most talented young artists in the nation. This year, 200,000 works of art and writing were submitted. Only the top 1,500 were recognized at the national level. These students have been invited to attend a ceremony at the world-famous Carnegie Hall on June 1 and to participate in showcase events at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City. Erin’s painting is titled Onions.


Students at Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School will be able to perform in PCHS Steinway Grand Piano 2012 - Brandon Herrenbruck delivers nine-foot grand piano to the schoolconcert style. Tuesday, March 7, a beautiful Steinway nine-foot grand piano was donated and hand-delivered to Pearl-Cohn by Steinway and Sons by Brandon Herrenbruck, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Herrenbruck returned to the school March 8 to hear the piano being played at the announcement of a new student-run record label. He was so impressed, he and his father-in-law, Bill Metcalfe, President of Steinway and Sons, visited the school again on March 9, to tour the entertainment high school. The pair are now part of Pearl-Cohn’s Circle of Friends!


Grace P., an 8th grader at Martin Luther King, Jr. Magnet, won the Middle Tennessee Regionals Spelling Bee on Friday, March 2.  By taking 1st place, Grace became the Regionals champion and will be competing in the National Spelling Bee later this year. Grace beat out the top 52 spellers from all the other Middle Tennessee counties and will be representing Tennessee at Nationals. Grace clinched her victory by spelling the word “j-i-m-b-e-r-j-a-w-e-d” correctly. Some of her other challenging words were “Hemerocallis”, “solder”, and “Qatari”. 


Mayor Karl DeanStudents at Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School will make history next fall! The school will open a first-of-its-kind student-run record label in partnership with Warner Music Nashville.

The record label will operate identically to a real music label by signing, recording and promoting student artists from across the district. MNPS students will have to audition to get on the record label. A variety of music genres will be included. The label will be managed through a strategic alliance with Warner Music Nashville. A Pearl-Cohn student will be named to head the record label each year.

The announcement was first major announcement out of the new Music Makes Us initiative, a city-wide effort to revamp music education in Nashville public schools. New classes in composition, rock band, and hip-hop performance will be added to schools throughout the district, while traditional curriculum in band, orchestra, and choir will be enhanced.

Pearl-Cohn was transformed into an entertainment magnet high school prior to the current school year. Students get real-life experience and training in the behind-the-scenes aspects of the music and entertainment industry.


Students at John Early Museum Magnet Middle School and Meigs Magnet School took more than a dozen medals home from the regional History Day Competition held at Middle Tennessee State University. The students competed in five categories including research paper, exhibit, documentary, website, and performance. Those who placed are now eligible to compete at Tennessee History Day in April. The state competition will be held at War Memorial Auditorium and Legislative Plaza. 


John Early Museum Magnet Middle School students and their families attended a special workshop at the school in which they learned how to preserve, restore, and care for their family treasures. The event was hosted by Belmont Mansion and Tennessee State Museum and brought local experts to the school to teach the students and their families.

Terrianna H. and her mother Geannette were paired with Candace Adelson, Ph.D., Senior Curator of Fashion and Textiles, from the Tennessee State Museum. The mother-daughter duo learned how to preserve a quilt made by Terrianna’s grandmother. They also learned the history of quilting, how her great-grandmother sewed the quilt, what the quilt represented and the life and times of people, such as her great-grandmother, who made and used quilts. 


Bailey STEM Magnet Middle School is hosting a community blood drive. Check out the flyer below for details.


Stratford STEM Magnet High School has had quite a few "firsts" this year, and its adding yet another! This spring, the new STEM Magnet high school is hosting the inaugural STEM competition for high schools throughout the district. Check out the details below.


Friday, Jan. 20, a select group of Head Middle Magnet School students from Mr. Paul Sparks' fifth grade math class participated in the Block Kids Building Program. Individual students were given 40 minutes to construct a building with Lego blocks. The structure that was created by each student was judged on design, rationale, and practical use. Students had to explain their design and any other feature they built within the design under the rationale category. Quinn T. was the winner of this building contest. In addition to a cash award, his design will now advance to the regional competition.

Head Block Building 2012 - students in a block building competitionHead Block Building 2012 - students in a block building competition


Now that you've turned in your Fall Application, what next? Selection Cards were mailed on January 3, 2012. Selection Day is Jan. 7, starting at 9 a.m., at the Martin Center Professional Development Center. Families are welcome to attend the event, watch it live on NewsChannel 5+ or check the district website for a full list of selections. more


Congratulations to John Early Museum Magnet Middle School for being the top winners in the SUMDOG district Math competition with an overall score of 4,755 points!  JEMMMS students won every round, and eight students placed in the top 10 for the entire district. These students will be presented with a certificate for their respective ranking, and every student who participated will be rewarded with a pizza party.

The school will receive an engraved trophy and a site license for Yenka Mathematics software, worth $750.  Again, congratulations to JEMMMS students for their outstanding performance!


Cathy Forester, a teacher at East Literature Magnet High, was named the Tennessee Council of Teachers of English 2011 High School English Teacher of the Year. The award was presented at the National Council of Teachers of English annual convention in Chicago, November 19. Congratulations!


Students, staff and community members of Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet High School celebrated their new Blue Ribbon status with numerous dignitaries and free ice cream courtesy of Blue Bell last Friday. The school was awarded the national honor for its overall academic excellence. It was one of just six schools statewide given the honor. Senior Em’maja Hancock is seen below addressing the crowd.

HumeFogg Blue Ribbon Ceremony


Tyler W., a freshman at Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School, is the owner of a new laptop thanks to the generosity of Permanent General. Permanent General is a large supporter of the Academies of Nashville and attended the 2011 Career Exploration Fair. Kent Fourman, Vice President & CEO of Permanent General, made a special trip to Pearl-Cohn where he hand delivered the new laptop.

Pearl-Cohn Laptop Winner 2011


Tuesday, Nov. 15, Rose Park Math & Science Magnet School held its first Family Math Night and Rose Park Family Night 2011 - more than 200 students and parents attended the open houseOpen House for prospective parents, which more than 200 students and parents attended. Rose Park’s Numeracy Coach, Carol Lampkin explains, “The objective of Family Math Night is to engage parents and students in active, purposeful learning, and see that math is FUN! It also gives our students the opportunity to confirm their knowledge and demonstrate mastery of math standards while allowing them to enhance their leadership skills.”

Participants rotated through various stations that were all created, set up and facilitated by Rose Park students. These stations included problem-solving and real-life application math games that can also be done at home.

Rose Park Magnet Principal, Risè W. Pope was extremely pleased with the turn out, saying, “At Rose Park Math & Science Magnet Middle School, we are serious and committed to providing opportunities to explore Math and Science. Events like this further demonstrate that our students are passionate and dedicated to the rigorous math and science curriculum that we have in place."


Ping Whittaker, Chinese teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet, has been named Tennessee's Foreign Language Teacher of the Year.  According to Dr. Schunn Turner, principal at MLK, “Whittaker has brought much honor to the school and students who receive her high quality instruction every day.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Whittaker! 


Oct. 13, Head Middle Magnet School held its annual Egg Drop!Head Egg Drop

Every Head Magnet student made a container that would not only survive a fall from the top of the gym, but would also hold an egg that would survive the drop as well. Many parents came to watch the vessel their child created be dropped from the top of Head’s gym. The parents wanted to see if the container that carried and hopefully protected the egg survived the fall without breaking or cracking.


Save the date! Oct. 27, from 6 - 7:30 p.m., you can shop some of the finest art and jewelry in Nashville. I.T. Creswell Middle Magnet Arts School will host its inaugural Benefit Art Auction. Faculty and staff, as well as community members, have donated one-of-a-kind pieces of art, handmade jewelry, blankets, scarves, ornaments and more to the auction.

While there, guests will also enjoy a student art exhibit, face painting, and hot chocolate. All proceeds benefit the school's art program and will be used to purchase art supplies. If you would like to donate an item to the auction, contact Carrie Bryant at carrie.bryant@mnps.org, or 291.6515 ext. 1213.


Friday, September 2, 2011, more than 400 students at Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School were treated to a pre-Labor Day concert by Oyama & Nitta. Yutaka Oyama and Masahiro Nitta are Japanese shamisen players who were in Nashville as one of the featured acts for the National Folk Festival. The students enjoyed this musical performance comprised of numbers which showcased the versatility of the musicians in playing classical and original scores that showcased syncopated and poly rhythms. From native folk songs to melodies that were familiar to some, all were entertained, awed, and delighted with the performance. Oyama & Nitta have performed throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States, sharing their talent with not only the music world, but with schools and community music programs.

But this was more than just a fun event. It was a learning opportunity for students in the Academy of Entertainment Communication as they worked with their teachers and other professionals in setting up the sound, technology, and video for the performance.  Students in the audio-engineering classes assisted in preparing the auditorium for optimal sound. The TV Broadcasting students video-taped the performance and interviewed Oyama & Nitta. 


The first day of the 2011-12 school year is one that Martin Luther King, Jr. Principal Dr. Schunn Turner will never forget. That morning, as she was helping students, teachers and staff get settled for the school year, Joseph DeHarde dropped in with a big surprise. The Class of 2011 graduate wanted to "give back to a great school." DeHarde donated $5,000 to the school's track program and $2,000 to the biology program.


Students at Stratford STEM Magnet High School had some fun adding a few splashes of color to their high school walls this summer. A special thanks to local artist Nathan Brown who led the project and shared this great video.


Talk about generous! The Golf Channel is getting all new equipment for their studio, and giving their "old" set to Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School! The donation is worth about $3 million and includes 50-inch plasma monitors, broadcast-quality cameras, network servers, switchers, a full remote production kit, a shading system, a satellite transmitter and receiver, and the list goes on.


Students on sound board - Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Camp

The July 1 deadline to enroll in the inaugural Lights, Camera, Action! Entertainment Production Camp at Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High is fast approaching! If you or someone you know has a rising 7th or 8th grader with an interest in the entertainment industry, this weeklong camp is a great way to introduce him or her to life behind the scenes of showbiz. Campers will learn about television production and broadcasting, audio recording, and personal image management.

Curious to learn more?


The Nashville Symphony has signed on as an official partner of Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Industry Magnet High School's Academy of Entertainment Management! This means students in the Academy will have even more opportunities to learn from the pros, and soon! First up, students will receive applied lessons on any instrument, free of charge, thanks to One Note One Neighborhood and W.O. Smith School of Music. The lessons will be taught by a member of the Nashville Symphony. March 24, The Nashville Symphony will hold a Career Day for select students. The group will get a behind the scenes look at the technical aspects of a production on any given night at the Symphony. In addition to these outstanding learning opportunities, the Symphony will provide new instruments to the school's marching band; send players to the school for concerts, sectionals, and teaching opportunities; and a variety of other learning opportunities!


Tuesday, March 8, all students and families interested in applying for one of the three new STEM Magnet schools - Hattie Cotton for elementary grades, Bailey for middle grades, and Stratford for high school grades - are invited to attend a STEM Magnet Showcase Night. The evening will consist of an overview of MNPS's six new thematic magnet schools, unique features of the STEM Magnets including a partnership with Vanderbilt University, hands-on demonstrations, and special displays be each of the three schools. Guests will be able to speak with students, staff and Vanderbilt representatives about the unique programs and partnerships. The presentation begins at 5:30 p.m., at Stratford High School.


Come learn more about your golden opportunity with MNPS’s new Thematic Magnet schools!Staff will be on hand to answer questions about the school’s theme, curriculum, design, application process, student work and successes and challenges. Parents and community members who are interested in thematic magnet schools are encouraged to attend each theme-based showcase according to interest. Museum Magnet Showcase Night Tuesday March 1, 5:30-7pmBrief Program Overview Begins at 6:00 At Robert Churchwell Elementary, 1625 D.B. Todd Jr. Boulevard Nashville TN Featuring: Robert Churchwell Elementary & John Early Middle Museum Magnet SchoolsScience, Technology, Engineering & Math Magnet Showcase NightTuesday March 8, 5:30-7pmBrief Program Overview Begins at 6:00at Stratford High, Nashville TN Featuring: Hattie Cotton Elementary, Bailey Middle and Stratford High STEM Magnet SchoolsEntertainment Magnet Showcase NightTuesday March 22, 5:30-7pmBrief Program Overview Begins at 6:00at Pearl-Cohn High, 904 26th Avenue North Nashville TN Featuring: Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High SchoolFor questions and more information please contact: Amy Crownover at 615-259-3282 ext: 858040 or amy.crownover@mnps.org.


With Tennessee’s new standards among the toughest in the nation, the district set the academic magnet qualification standard for 2011-2012 at “Proficient” in both Reading and Math on TCAP. The district did not change its process this year, it simply used the new state standards to determine its qualifying scores. The “Proficient” TCAP standard is understandable, available to parents, and allows a diverse group of academically qualified students to enter the magnet school lottery. The district considered using other qualifying criteria, like scoring Advanced in both Reading and Math, or scoring Advanced in one subject and Proficient in the other. With the tough new TCAP standards, these approaches would not fill the seats available at the academic magnet schools. District staff will monitor these numbers in the future to determine when to make adjustments as student achievement increases. Academic Magnet School Qualifying CriteriaStudents may qualify for academic magnet schools for the 2011-2012 school year as follows: Students must have an academic average of 85 or above for the spring semester of last year and the first grading period of the current year with no failing grades, and Students must score Proficient or Advanced in both Reading and Math on either the 2010 TCAP Achievement Test or the 2010 TCAP English Linguistically Simplified Assessment (ELSA). Students who did not take TCAP can qualify with a combined stanine of 14 or higher for Reading and Math on a nationally normed achievement test. Click here to read more about magnet schools.

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