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Achievement Data

MNPS Earns Good Grades on State Report Card
Metro Nashville Public Schools is celebrating our students’ progress, as reflected in the State Report Card. The district scored A's and B's in all value added categories. Value added grades, in particular, are cause for celebration because they measure the most important attribute: growth.

View the State Report Card.

Metro Schools Earn Intermediate Status
After another year of steady growth, Metro Nashville Public Schools once again earned "Intermediate" status under the State Department of Education's accountability framework, outperforming districts across Tennessee. The district met 8 of 11 benchmarks designed to measure student achievement within a school district and achievement gaps are narrower than those statewide for 13 of the 16 subgroup accountability measures.

Overall, students improved in all grades tested in math, with high schools showing the most dramatic increases.  Scores also improved in English III, social studies and science.

In this year's results:

  • Math proficiency in grades 3-8 improved by 3.0 percentage points (39.4% to 42.4%), and value added growth in math significantly exceeded the state target.
  • High school math scores improved dramatically. Proficiency increased by 9.6 percentage points (41.8% to 51.4%) for Algebra I and 7.1 points (17.1% to 24.2%) for Algebra II.
  • English III scores increased by 3.8 percentage points (21.7% to 25.5%).
  • The 2012 graduation rate improved from 76.2% to 78.4%, surpassing the Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) set by the state. Metro Schools' does not yet have the official 2013 grad rate, which will include summer graduates, but preliminary data indicates it will continue to rise.
  • Improvement also occurred in subject areas not included in accountability determinations. In grades 3-8, science proficiency increased from 44.5% to 45.2% and social studies scores improved from 75.1% to 75.9%.

Metro Schools' reading/language arts scores are an area of concern, showing a decline in grades 3-8 and English II, a trend that appears to be reflected across the state. In 2013, Metro Schools':

  • Reading scores across grades 3-8 dropped by seven-tenths of a percentage point (40.6% to 39.9%).
  • English II scores declined by 1.2 percentage points (48.7% to 47.5%), although value added growth for this subject significantly exceeded the state average.

In addition to a literacy plan, Metro Schools continues to address the achievement gap for subgroups of students. Two areas of notable improvement include:

  • The gap between Davidson County students with disabilities and their peers without disabilities is less than half of the statewide gap in grades 3-8 for both reading and math.
  • The gap between Black/Hispanic/Native American subgroup and all students is roughly half of the statewide gap in grades 3-8 in both reading and math.

Academic Performance Framework
At Metro Schools we are constantly assessing our own performance. Without just relying on the assessments of outside groups – like the Tennessee Department of Education – we wanted to design our own system of evaluation that supports our own goals. That is why we developed our Academic Performance Framework, used each year to evaluate individual school performance. The criteria and scoring system we use are much more stringent than the Tennessee Department of Education evaluation system.

Each school is assessed in multiple categories. In these documents you will see each category marked with a score of one through five, with one being the low end of the scale. Categories don’t just measure pure academic performance, though that is an important measure. They also measure academic growth, academic growth of specific groups of students and school climate.

Academic Performance Framework K - 8 | Academic Performance Framework High School

MNPS Celebrate Twelve Reward Schools

Reward Schools are those in the top 5% of schools in the state for performance and the 5% of schools in the state for progress.
Our reward schools are:

Glendale Elementary – Performance
Lockeland Elementary – Performance & Progress
Percy Priest Elementary – Performance
Head Middle Magnet – Progress
Margaret Allen Middle – Progress
Meigs Middle Magnet – Performance

Martin Luther King, Jr. Magnet – Performance
Hume-Fogg Magnet High – Performance
KIPP Academy Nashville – Progress
Liberty Collegiate Academy – Progress
Nashville Prep – Progress
STEM Prep Academy – Progress

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